Would you enjoy writing for TOUCH?

June Monday 21 2010
Are you creative? Would you like to write for TOUCH and make a little money in the process?

We're collecting "VHS" guides (vision, huddle, skills) from pastors from all over the world for a new series called "Huddle!" Here's what each guide will contain:

1 page with 150-250 words to be handed to the lead pastor, helping him encourage the the group leaders during monthly leader's meetings. Leaders need to hear from their lead pastor regularly and know that he loves them, is proud of their efforts, and to reinforce the vision of the church and the missional thrust of the groups to achieve that mission. He doesn't have to be present for the whole meeting, but if he can be there for the opening worship song(s) and then use this supplied information to encourage the leaders, it will be powerful. (Of course, if he doesn't need this and has something else to share, that's great... but if he's really busy as most lead pastors are these days, this one-pager will be a real blessing to him!)

1 page for the coach/supervisor/G12 leader over groups, giving them a few specific questions to ask the group leaders during the second part of the monthly meeting to let them talk about their personal triumphs and struggles and receive ministry from other group leaders. This portion of the meeting is approximately 30 minutes in length.

1-2 pages for the small groups/cell groups pastor, containing skills training content for the group leaders. While meeting dynamics and mechanics are good, what leaders really need are tips as to how to minister to a hurting group member outside the meeting, how to balance family and ministry, how to incorporate members into their lives, how to reach unchurched people for Christ, how to pair up new believers with mentors in the group, and so forth. Using skits, games, role-play, and other innovative and highly interacted methods is preferred.

If you know you can produce one of these, we'd like to see it! Fill in the form below and submit it or email your guide in a Word document to randall (at) touchusa (dot) org and we'll review it right away. If it looks good, we may ask you to make a few changes so it fits nicely into a consistent format and then we'll send you an author's contract and publish it.

When we compile 12 or more from pastors around the world, we'll print-publish an edition for sale through our web site and other wholesalers and pay each contributor a royalty for their fractional portion of the book. We'll also sell them digitally one at a time through this web site which will yield a royalty payment.

Interested? Contact us now!


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