What makes TOUCH Publications so unique?

A note from Randall Neighbour, President of TOUCH Publications
and TOUCH Outreach Ministries

Our resources are very different from mainstream offerings found in Christian bookstores and published by denominations:

Our leader training resources develop future leaders by providing learning experiences, not a cognitive (classroom) approach. Expect more interaction, practical assignments, dialog about what is being learned, and increased ownership while using our leader training resources.

The curriculum we offer brings a small group into the presence of Christ, encourages each member to experience His power and minister to others in the group, and then moves the entire group to make plans to extend His purposes in the world. We would never categorize them as "Home Bible study guides." We want people to enter into the presence of God in a transformational way and for Christ to be revealed through every believer in the room!

Our discipleship resources focus on four core values beyond the basics of the faith (although the basics are indeed covered). Our resources help your group members: discover spiritual freedom from strongholds; discard worldy values for kingdom values; adopt relational evangelism as a lifestyle; and take personal responsibility to develop others (mentoring and discipleship). We express these four core values as Upward and Inward (Great Commandment), and Outward and Forward (Great Commission). You'll see these four themes or values repeated throughout our entire resource line.

The distinction is clear. We do not see small groups as a program. The small group (or cell group or whatever you call your groups) is the church, not a supportive part of something bigger or more important. We view the local church as a interdependent network of healthy and holistic small groups, filled with missional individuals who know the power of biblical community and have fully embraced it.

If you are not familiar with our resources and ministry, download the free samples from our resources (the links are found in the detailed description for most of our products) and you will soon see the difference.

Satisfaction guaranteed! If for any reason you are not happy with the resources you purchase from us, send them back! If we receive them in good condition within 30 days of purchase, we will give you a full refund on the purchase price (excluding shipping and handling). Call us for details at 1-800-735-5865.