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The key to success with cell groups is not just discovering a vision for what groups can produce and the casting of that vision to your church leaders and members in hopes they “get it.”

Success (which should be defined here as natural momentum) is found when you have introduced a new culture of life-on-life spiritual development AND it takes root among your first cell group members. It must result in the embrace of a “new normal.” [Remember, it’s about culture-changing adoption, not just introduction!]

A “new normal” in your groups has been achieved when:

the group(s) you launch successfully reach people for Christ through relational evangelism...

and disciple them into victorious Christians who are on fire for Christ...

and are rip-roaring ready to leave the comfort of their existing group to lead a group of their own.

If you’re reading this and you’re part of the North American church, the next sentence may be hard to believe, but it’s true.

TOUCH Outreach works with churches abroad who maintain waiting lists of cell members who are anxious for the opportunity to lead once they are more mature and fully trained for the task.

Waiting lists for leadership! Imagine that!

This may sound like a lofty dream, but it’s possible in North America and more specifically, it’s possible for your church. You just have to keep the main thing the main thing. What is the main thing? Christ-centered Life-on-life discipleship.

Would you like to learn how to implement this in your existing groups with a five step process? If so, Continue Here