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If we may be so bold, we’d like to share the following observations surrounding the process described on the previous page:

  • Cell groups were implemented rapidly like a new program, not a new way of life for church members entering into biblical community.
  • The implementation plan assumed that the faithful participants in the existing program-based model (lay leadership) would be the best choice for new leadership in cell groups.
  • The pastor’s leadership cell did not help the potential leaders experience the kind of personal, life-changing transformation that is required for a permanent lifestyle shift of this magnitude.
  • Because life-on-life discipleship is rarely found in the program-based model of the Western church, it was not modeled in the pastor’s leadership cell (and was woefully missing in future groups).Or...
  • Discipleship is something that was planned as part of "Phase 2 ... you know, after we get everyone in groups."
[Read these next sentences slowly and think about it before you move on]

The culture in your church must change as potential leaders and most importantly church members are introduced to cell group life. It must transition from the mindset of a consumer to that of a productive, self-feeding believer who has a ministry to other Christians and a mission to reach his or her world for Christ.

Inviting consumers to join cell groups and expecting transformation is as absurd as assuming that parking an economy car in a Ferrari showroom will magically change it into a high performance sports car.

Do these observations reflect the way you have implemented cell groups in the past? If so, Continue Here