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Please read before you attempt to download presentations from this page …

Your name and password for purchasing books is unique to the secure order area of our site. This information won’t unlock any password-protected powerpoints in this presentation area [nor will it work in the free classifieds area of our site.]

Names and passwords for some presentations are found within each resource purchased with the same name. For instance, the Cell Leader Trainer’s Guide has the name and password for the presentations on the top of page 18. The Upward, Inward, Outward, Forward Workbook and Encounter God Instructor’s Guide have the name and password for these presentations on the copyright page.

We’ve password protected these files to be of use to purchasers. If you haven’t purchased them, you won’t be able to gain access. There are a few free powerpoints/resources that you can download from this area, and we invite you to download them if you feel they would be helpful to your ministry.

Please note that our ministry representative are not authorized to supply names and passwords to anyone who cannot show proof of ownership of a related resource or attendance at the training in question. [If you purchased a translated resource or attended a non-TOUCH training event outside the USA , you must contact the local publishing ministry for the name and password.]

Cell Group Leader Training

Powerpoints for Cell Leader Training
(Password Protected)


Powerpoints for the UIOF Strategic Planning Workshop
(Password Protected)

Encounter God

Powerpoints for Encounter God
(Password Protected)

Where do we go from here?

Recruitment Retreat
(mentioned in Where Do We Go From Here?)

Touching Hearts

Mentoring Powerpoints
(mentioned Touching Hearts Weekend)

Journey Guide Interview Handbooks

Journey Guide Interviewer's

Spiritual Formation Weekend

Spiritual Formation Weekend
Designers Guide