About TOUCH Outreach Ministries

Our History
TOUCH Outreach Ministries was launched in 1972 by Dr. Ralph W. Neighbour, Jr. His desire was to help churches transition away from programs and buildings by forming cell groups in homes. The ministry was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1981. In 1995, Ralph's son Randall became the ministry's director and remains in this position today. The ministry's offices are located near downtown Houston, Texas.

Our Vision and Mission
While we are a para-church, not-for-profit 501c3 organization, we do not seek to do for the local church what it should do for itself. Our core mission is as follows:

TOUCH Outreach empowers pastors, group leaders, and members
to transform their lives, churches, and the world through basic Christian communities.

TOUCH Outreach Ministries provide consulting, training, and resources, training for those who wish to plant a church of groups (not with groups) or transition away from programs and building-centered activities toward group-based ministry. We offer training for members, leaders, and pastors. We consult with hundreds of churches in a given year via email and telephone and would be happy to help you as well. Contact us for information.