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Start-up Bundle - Paperback Books

Are you ready to start your first groups? This money-saving bundle will hit the spot!

No reviews

Price : US$29.95

Retail Price : US$50.48

The Spiritual Formation Backpack - Paperback Books

A complete set of our discipleship resources - save big!

1 Reviews

Price : US$49.95

Retail Price : US$64.95

Small Group Curriculum Series Bundle - Paperback Books

Buy the complete Community Life series and save $5

2 Reviews

Price : US$42.95

Retail Price : US$47.70

Children's Spiritual Formation Bundle - Paperback Books

A one-of-a-kind discipleship series for children grades 1-3. Buy the whole set and save!

No reviews

Price : US$59.95

Retail Price : US$63.92

Little Books Big Impact! Bundle - Paperback Books

A complete set of our powerful little pocket books for group leaders!

No reviews

Price : US$28.50

Retail Price : US$40.74

Spiritual Freedom Weekend Bundle

Check out our Encounter God resources together at a savings!

No reviews

Price : US$119.00

Retail Price : US$175.69

The Relational Way - Paperback Book

A deeper, theological look at holistic small groups and God's relational nature

1 Reviews

Price : US$14.95

Retail Price : US$21.50

The Spiritual Formation Backpack - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


No reviews

Price : US$33.00

Retail Price : US$64.95

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