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Making Cell Groups Work Seminar - Digital Edition

The syllabus for a pastor's 2-day seminar embedded with links to the audio files

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Price : US$29.95

Retail Price : US$69.95

Start-up Bundle - Paperback Books

Are you ready to start your first groups? This money-saving bundle will hit the spot!

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Price : US$29.95

Retail Price : US$50.48

2000 Years of Small Groups: A History of Cell Ministry in the Church - Paperback Book

This book chronicles the small group or cell movement from Jesus all the way to the modern-day cell explosion.

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Price : US$14.95

Retail Price : US$14.95

Beyond Small Groups

From Programmatic Groups to Flourishing Communities

1 Reviews

Price : US$14.99

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Community Life 101 - Paperback Book

A little book for small group members that explains their role in the group.

1 Reviews

Price : US$5.99

Retail Price : US$7.50

How Do We Get There From Here? - Paperback Book

This is the book you need to move through a transition to groups successfully

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Price : US$14.99

Retail Price : US$21.99

Life in His Body - Paperback Book

A simple introduction to the cell-based church

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Price : US$12.99

Retail Price : US$18.50

Recoged la Cosecha (Reap The Harvest) - Paperback Book

Cómo organizar un sistema celular para el crecimiento de sur iglesia

No reviews

Price : US$14.99

Retail Price : US$21.50

The Cell Church - A Revolution in Ministry DVD

A ten minute video testimonial describing the power of cell-based ministry

No reviews

Price : US$5.95

Retail Price : US$5.95

The Navigation Guide for Making Cell Groups Work - Paperback Book

The 624 page indispensable reference tool for a church in transition

No reviews

Price : US$29.99

Retail Price : US$39.95

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