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This book's a great help! (6/9/2011)
Scott's new book MISSIORELATE should be read by every small group point person. It's not hard to read, but reading it is hard work! When you finish it, then you're really just getting started. It's not a book of tips and practical insights - but rather a book about figuring out WHY you do small groups and then determining HOW to execute the systems you have to get the results of true discipling.

Scott does a great job of helping us appreciate the value of ALL of our small groups, even those that frustrate us, realizing the benefits of every group and the "story" they are living. But the aim is helping groups not merely settle for "normal". Instead, it's moving people beyond the "How God benefits me" experience to a vision of making Kingdom impact together on the world around us.

This book is about appreciating people for where they currently are, but thinking through how to build ways that keep calling them to be sacricing their time and energy for others and even beyond that to a life of living out ministry & mission with those they are experiencing community with.

Getting more people in more groups is not the answer! Calling people beyond individualism, isolation, and consumerism is! Our job as champions of small group ministry is to do the hard work of thinking through what the end goal really is, and then working backwards from there as we design our church's small group systems. This book is a great help in getting us to think and move in that direction.

Jay Firebaugh - Gahanna, Ohio