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The foundation to becoming a great leader! (5/25/2010)
Some have referred to me as the "poster child for effective leadership development" through the use of this equipping track by Ralph Neighbour. I was discipled through the material and it took me from drug dealing into becoming born again to leading small groups to now full time pastor facing the mission field. Since I first used it, I have taken those I have won for Christ through it and watched as they too adopted life-changing kingdom values that would forever change their way of thinking and doing as a follower of Christ. This material has helped over and over set a new course for kingdom living in those I have had the privilege to disciple. I have enjoyed the honor of hearing one of my spiritual children tell me on his wedding day that he wouldn't be where he is (a godly man serving the Lord marrying a godly woman) if it wasn't for me. Wow! Blew me away!! Thank you Ralph Neighbour, Jr. for allowing God to shape this material through your insights and experiences and for being "Uncle Ralph" to so many growing believers! :)

Jeremy - Pennsylvania, USA