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It's relational! (10/1/2009)
This booklet does an excellent job of showing an unbeliever the relationship one can have with the Community of God. In other words, it does a lot more than communicate cognitive facts about a relationship with God through Christ. I review the content weekly with my 'not yet Christian' friends.

I was the editor on this book, and found it to be very transformational. The chapters are short, to the point, filled with stories to make the content meaningful, and the worksheets at the end of each chapter helped me put the content in to practice as a life value.

I know you probably want to keep using 8 Habits, and that''s great... but for all of your leaders who have been through the basics of 8 Habits, this will take them deeper and develop them into amazing leaders.

Check it out!

Ronnie - Dublin, Ireland