World's Greatest Small Group

World's Greatest Small Group

7 Powerful Traits of a Life-Changing Leader

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In this new release by Michael Mack, he shares Seven Powerful Traits of a Life-Changing Leader:

Trait #1 - Seek ... What do you want to be known for? When Christ is at home in your heart, you will be living an abundant life that overflows to each of your group members.

Trait #2 - Surrender ... Until you learn to surrender to God's call on your life, you cannot realistically live out the leadership values that the Greatest Small Group Leader (Jesus) modeled for you.

Trait #3 - Shepherd ... The people in your group need someone to lead, guide, rescue, and support them as a shepherd would with his flock. This can only be done when you have surrendered to Christ and you're allowing him to speak, act, and react through you.

Trait #4 - Serve ... It's a given that a good leader serves the members of his or her group. But the World's Greatest Small Group Leader not only serves, but helps other members of the group serve and become servants.

Trait #5 - Share ... The World's Greatest Small Group Leader (Jesus) shared ministry with His disciples so they could be powerfully used by God and see their own potential as leaders. Great Leaders also show their members how to share their lives with one another and the lost all around them.

Trait #6 - Steward ... A Great Small Group has a leader that understands the group belongs to God and being a good steward of what has been entrusted to him or her is a priority.

Trait #7 - Stand ... The last trait is important and rarely discussed. When you are praying, loving, and spending time with God and other people in your group, you should expect attacks from the enemy! He's not happy about what you're doing and you need to be wise to his schemes.

"I appreciate Mike's fresh perspective on a number of familiar leadership principles, his personal stories, and the unique points he makes in this new resource. If you're looking for a new, easily read book to give to your leaders or work through with them over the course of seven sessions, you've found it!"
- Randall Neighbour, President, TOUCH Outreach Ministries
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