The Second Reformation STAGE 2 (the sequel)

The Second Reformation STAGE 2 (the sequel)

The first reformation was theological. The second reformation is structural with two stages:
Stage 1: Restoring N.T. Small Groups in the 20th Century
Stage 2: Restoring N.T. Large Groups in the 21st Century

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If you enjoyed Bill Beckham's first book, you're going to love this sequel!

In Beckham's first book, The Second Reformation, the primary purpose was to consider how the small group community that we see in the New Testament fits into the modern church. In this new title, he addresses the need for a large group expression of the church that is not dependent upon buildings, programs, and extraordinary leaders. This doesn't necessarily mean doing away with the preaching and teaching large groups used by the church today, but also using Jesus' group of 70 and the Early Church's group of 120 as streamlined, low maintenance, low-cost, high-growth, highly mobile, and leadership friendly alternative large group models.

Author: William A. Beckham
Release Date: Spring 2015
ISBN: 9781935789727
Pages: 297
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