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Step Two: Create your first “Triad” to disciple the new believer… and get ready to play catch up*
A triad is comprised of a spiritual father, a young man, and a child. Step One was to focus your cell group(s) on relational evangelism and see fruit from it. In this second step, the spiritual father who led the person to Christ and one other friend from the group who has overcome the evil one will mentor the new believer through a spiritual pathway you provide.

For more information on the practical ways to mentoring others, check out Mentoring Another Christian.

Most churches using triads encourage the groups of three to meet before the cell meeting or before weekend services. When everyone in a group is also in a triad, the triads often meet during the meeting for 15-20 minutes.

At a triad’s first gathering, the Father and Young Man should work through The Journey Guide for New Believers, a self-assessment tool to help new believers see where they are and where they can go. This resource is available in print and online (free). The results of this assessment tool can be discussed in one or two meetings, and often help the new believer hunger for spiritual growth because he or she knows where they are spiritually. In subsequent meetings, the three can work through an understanding of the basics of the faith found in Beginning the Journey.

The goal of triads is to move everyone deeper into spiritual maturity and relationally connect with the spiritual child’s oikos (Greek for household or circle of close friends and family with whom a person has influence). This is the new believer’s mission field, and his or her big brother and father in Christ are there to help him or her cultivate that field.

*About “catching up” - Here’s where your cell members will experience a challenge that must be met. It is likely that you will have believers in your cell group(s) who reach someone for Christ, but have not yet found freedom from their own strongholds. Like a teenage mother or father, they’ve leapfrogged that all-important second Young Man level of maturity and will struggle to disciple a new believer while leading a defeated spiritual life. Satan will no doubt use this weakness to destroy the disciple making relationship if they’re not helped by your church to find healing. When you begin a relational evangelism focus in your group(s), schedule an Encounter God weekend for the cell group members so they can find freedom from strongholds. Anyone who comes to Christ in your group(s) should be invited to go on this Friday-Saturday retreat as well. For details about this important retreat, read the first pages of this sample from the facilitator’s resource.

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